December 14, 2016


Our product pricing is dependent on several factors.  Below is a list of things to think about when budgeting for your project. Ultimately it comes down to the amount of hours required to complete your website – request a quote to get started!

Size/Scope of Project

How many pages?
The number of pages and how data is displayed across those pages is a large determining factor in the cost of a project.  Is your project a single page website?  Do you need seven subpage types?  Each iteration will add hours onto your project and therefore increase cost.

Design Services
Do you currently have a design mocked up that you need developed – or do you need a design developed from scratch?

Existing Brand
If you have an existing brand, we can leverage it, but if one needs to be developed that will increase the cost of your overall project.

Copywriting Needs
Do you have your content written, or do you need assistance in putting it together?  We offer copywriting services!

Do you currently have photographic and video assets or do they need to be created? We work with top-notch photographers and videographers to create the highest quality assets for your website.

Functionality Requirements

Content Management System
We offer content management system development, but it’s not required for your project.  We have years of experience in efficiently developing these systems and we can do it very affordabily!

API Integrations
Does your project need integration with third party services such as SalesForce and/or GoToWebinar – we’ve done both!


Hours Vs. Launch Date
We love hitting deadlines – it’s essential to our business.  However, completing an 80 hour project in a week will require more resources and therefore increase cost.