December 14, 2016

App Development

Carpentry is now offering app development!

If your company has always dreamed of joining the ranks of companies who have their own app on the App Store or Google Play, look no further!  Carpentry is now offering app development for both iOS and Android!

App Uses

Companies having apps are a trendy thing, so we want to make sure our clients have a business case for them before we jump directly into it. Apps tend to fall into two categories – either they’re business facing, or consumer facing.

App developed by Carpentry for Pittsburgh Young ProfessionalsThe first thing to consider is who would our app serve?  For instance: would the app offer a way to keep track of trucks on the road and offer employees a method of confirming orders as they’re delivered? That would be business facing since it serves a purpose within your business’s overall workflow.  Would the app allow customers to request a package pickup? That’s consumer facing since it allows the consumer a direct interaction with your business.


Another consideration is infrastructure.  A way to dramatically reduce the cost of app development is to have the infrastructure in place to attach the app’s functionality to.  Whether it’s a CRM, or an inventory tracking system, being able to push data directly into existing systems makes the development process a lot smoother, and also reduces time for implementation and training costs going forward.

As always, contact us with any questions or request a quote!