December 14, 2016

Our Services

We are proud to offer a wide variety of web and mobile services to help small to medium sized businesses create and enhance their digital presence.  Whether it’s designing and developing custom, responsive websites, building content managed experiences with Drupal or WordPress, or consulting on a project or on hiring technical employees Carpentry stands ready to help any business with any type of digital solution.

About our service offerings:

Responsive Website Development
Does your business need a mobile friendly website?  That’s well within our wheelhouse. We’ve built responsive websites for several institutions both large and small, and we look forward to adding your business to the list!

WordPress/Drupal Development
Building experiences in WordPress and Drupal that give businesses the ability to manage their own websites is one of our favorite things to do.  We tell clients all the time – when you call us after we launch, it will be for lunch, not updates.

Consulting / Project Management
We’ve helped organizations in the past organize their websites and also have consulted on hiring personell for technical positions.  If you’re a part of a business or organization that is undertaking a new digital inititave, or are looking to bring on staff to complete a digital project, let us help!

Updates, Maintenance, and Hack Repairs
Sometimes your existing site works just fine, but you just need to change a handful of things.  Sometimes, a site gets compromised and you’re tired of seeing “this site may be hacked” beneath your search results.  We can help with both of those!

App Development
A newer business offering, we’re now capable of offering web application development and deployment solutions for businesses!